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Stop Giving Cats Such a Bad Rap

Why you should stop buying into the misconceptions about felines and recognize their unique and unconditional love.

Photo by Karina Vorozheeva on Unsplash

As a cat owner for eleven years, this may seem biased.

But what is more biased are people getting scratched by a cat once in their life and automatically placing them into a box labeled: “Unaffectionate, nasty, little demons with sharp claws and fangs.” (I’ll admit, I fell into this trap a little after being bitten by a cat when I was three years old).

It is easy to buy into this misconception when society constantly puts these ideas into our heads.

Here’s an experiment:

Look up “movies about dogs” on Google. A plethora of films will pop up, from Marley and Me, to My Dog Skip, to A Dog’s Purpose. Nothing against these films, they made me ball my eyes out just as much as the next person…but now look up “movies about cats”.

You will immediately see horror movies like Pet Semetary, comedies and animated films like Puss in Boots, or the popular musical and cringy new film adaptation, CATS. Thus, reinforcing the idea that cats are either something to fear or watch in a light-hearted manner with no emotional attachment.

A Street Cat Named Bob is one example of a film (which I highly recommend) with a beautiful story following a homeless addict/street-performer whose life turns around with the help and comfort of a ginger cat.

Other than that, I do not believe that there are any heart-warming, tear-jerking dramas about cats (If I am wrong, please respond with some suggestions!).

This is NOT an argument that “cats are better than dogs”. Although everyone has their preference at heart, comparing them is equivalent to comparing apples and oranges.

Both are special and unique in their own way. Just like angry cats who scratch and bite, I have seen a fair share of feisty little dogs who nip and bite too.

Not to mention the countless men who will not admit to liking cats because it trumps their “manliness”. (Trust me, nothing is more attractive than an animal lover…especially a cat lover).

As a generally quiet, reserved person, I always related to the mysterious, nature of cats.

Cats are portrayed to be independent pets who do not crave the cuddly love and affection from their owners. While this is true in some cases, there are many cats I know who are cuddly, loving, sweet, and even like therapy cats in a way.

My post below tells about a very special cat I’ve owned who I’ve considered to be my therapy cat for her affectionate and mellow nature:

A Letter to my Nebelung (

Also, a cat does NOT have to be a lap cat to be loving. My orange tabby is an example of this. She generally keeps to herself and despises being picked up…BUT when she does come around she shows her love in a different way, which includes purring, licking, head rubbing, kneading, and following me all around the house.

Many people don’t understand that this behavior usually won’t happen right off that bat. It can take weeks, months, or even YEARS to see this side of your feline, but usually, with love and patience, it will happen.


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