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Stop Devaluing Emotion With the Word "Corny"

Trust me, apathy does not make you cool.

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This generation is notorious for labeling anything of emotional substance with an adjective like “corny”.

If you want a more detailed perspective on this as a whole, check out my article below:

3 Reasons Why This Generation Is Becoming Emotionally Desensitized (

Here is the definition of the word “corny” according to Google Dictionary: Corny: Trite, banal, or mawkishly sentimental.

Let me just start by saying, there is nothing wrong with using the word “corny”…if used in the correct context.

Trust me, I will be the first person to comment on how “corny” or “sappy” a Lifetime or Hallmark movie is. Or a shirt that says “Tacos are the way to my heart” from Forever 21.

These are some of the many things that are “trite, banal, and mawkishly sentimental” and just make one cringe and gag.

However, the problem arises when people use words like this to describe every aspect of emotion or romance in society, which sadly, is becoming more and more prevalent.

Here are a few examples:

A couple will post a kissing picture on a beautiful island following a heartfelt caption on social media.


A television show or movie will show a couple exchanging vows at their wedding.


A person will post a picture of a creative gift or surprise dinner from their significant other.



Men are usually the ones who cast these labels, but now many women are partaking in this as well.

I find that this is usually a coverup because most people do want or secretly admire these things, but society has stripped the value of anything sentimental, deeming it “corny”.

And even if one relishes in their apathy towards all things sentimental, why criticize and judge others for happily expressing their love?

The last time I checked, the people expressing these things are usually the ones who are positive and happy.

The ones who judge are often negative and possibly deep down envious of what they label “corny”.

The worst part about this is that people will fear going out of their way to do any sweet, romantic gestures, or if they do, they may hide it from others, because they fear this stupid societal label.


I first realized how different the world has become upon reading the love letter from my great grandfather to my great grandmother that was written in 1919. He wrote pages and pages of detailed letters pouring his heart out to her.

And it makes you laugh that nowadays a paragraph sent via text message serves as the ideal form of romance, but some people still hold back doing this in fear of appearing “corny”.

One thing that is significantly responsible for this is hookup culture.

Not to say that people in the olden days didn't engage in casual hookups.

Trust me, they did.

And let me confirm, I’m not shaming those who choose to partake in this whatsoever, but I’m simply making the point that many of these people who are brainwashed into thinking that hookup culture is the norm, ridicule those who do otherwise.

Thus, calling it “corny”.

Nowadays, hookup culture has taken over so much that many people have forgotten what true romantic intimacy is.

Hooking up with the hottest guy or girl and bragging to one’s friends triumphs over a long-lasting meaningful relationship.

And many of those who are in a relationship cannot seem too into who they are with or express their feelings too much because they might just be labeled “gay” or “whipped” (another two adjectives in a similar category to “corny” but are even more harmful).

This all goes back to emotions and the societal mindset that emotions=weakness, which any person with intelligence knows is utterly false.

Maybe it’s just the old soul or empath in me that makes me so passionate about this subject.

But I feel that this disregard for emotions will make us lose touch with the meaningful relationships in our lives and hold back our feelings in fear of the judgments and labels of others.


So, next time you feel tempted to laugh at your friend’s bracelet engraved with their boyfriend’s initials or “50 Things I Love About You” notes, stop to think:

Does this really bother me that much?

Can I just let these people be happy without casting stones and putting a damper on their happiness?

In short, leave the corn on the cob (And I give you full permission to call that lame attempt of a joke “corny”).

Don’t ruin any ounce of good we have left in this world by casting these labels.

Because apathy is the farthest thing from cool.


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