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TV Show Review: Netflix Original Series 'Gypsy'


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Gypsy is a Netflix original, psychological thriller series with the first (and only season) currently available to stream. The show stars Academy Award-nominee, Naomi Watts who plays the character Jean Holloway, a psychologist, mother, and wife on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Jean can be described as one who goes above and beyond for her above and beyond that she becomes obsessed and intermingled with her patient's life and the people they discuss in their sessions.

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The show mainly focuses on Jean's relationship with Sam, a young man who has just gone through a devastating breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Sidney. Using the details Sam gives her during their weekly sessions, Jean finds Sidney at the coffee shop she works at and uses a false identity to grow closer to the mysterious and bewitching Sidney, which eventually develops into an intimate and sexual relationship.

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At the same time, Jean becomes involved in the lives of two other patients, Claire, a distressed mother, whose overbearingness has pushed her daughter away, and Allison, a young woman battling addiction who's dependent on her abusive, drug-dealing boyfriend.

Jean leads a double-life throughout the duration of the series, supporting her young daughter, Dolly through her questioning gender identity, and continuing a strong romantic bond with her husband, Michael, despite the lies and deceit against him.

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At first, I was puzzled as to why this show was titled Gypsy but after watching the show it all makes sense - Jean has taken on the conventional role as mother and wife, but cannot hold back the free-spirited and promiscuousness within her. Jean's relationship with Sidney serves as a mirror of Jean's past and youthful self.



My boyfriend and I binge-watched this thriller for hours on end. For those who love a good suspense, this show will certainly have you hooked to the screen. However, we were thrown for a loop in the final episode which had a rather abrupt and jarring ending.

We assumed that the reason for this was to lead into a second season. Oddly, I noticed that the show aired in 2017, and no continuing seasons could be found on Netflix. I did some Google-searching and was shocked to learn that Gypsy was discontinued after only one season! This was due to low ratings which I still cannot wrap my head around.

Although I loved this series, watching such an engaging show with an inconclusive ending left me feeling unsatisfied and disappointed, so I highly recommend viewers who choose to watch Gypsy know this before committing to the show (or else you'll wind up blindsided like we did).

If you're willing to look past that, I truly recommend this series. It's suspenseful and sensual with superb acting, LGBT representation, and strong character backstories (not to mention the opening theme song is "Gypsy" by Stevie Nicks, which made me love it even more).


RATING: 4.5/5


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