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DIY Pulp Fiction, Mia Wallace Costume

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In October of 2017, I dressed up as Mia Wallace from Quentin Tarantino's classic, Pulp Fiction. Here's how I channeled my inner Uma Thurman and put my own unique spin on the look!



Everyone who's seen Pulp Fiction knows that Mia Wallace wouldn't be Mia Wallace without her very dark brown bobbed, straight-across banged hairstyle. So, unless you have this exact haircut and color, a wig is a must for recreating this look.

I purchased my wig from a local wig store. Although I'm sure some wigs look even more authentic, this was the best I could find.

Wig (Similar):



Mia Wallace had a very simple, classy makeup look wearing mostly neutral tones and red lipstick.

For my face, I used Kat Von Dee Lock-It Foundation in the shade 45 Warm. This is my go-to full-coverage, matte foundation. I also contoured my face with bronzer, highlighter, and a touch of blush.

Foundation: Lock-It Tattoo Foundation - Kat Von D | Sephora

For my eyes, I used neutral tones, cream on the browbone, a medium brown in the crease, and cream on the lids. I topped this off with winged eyeliner using my black tattoo liquid eyeliner pen by Kat Von Dee and a coat of black mascara.

Eyeliner: Tattoo Eyeliner - KVD Beauty | Sephora

For my lips, I used a nude lip liner topped off with Revlon Lacquer Balm lipstick in the shade Provocateur. This made for a creamy, rosy red color, but honestly, any shade of red will suffice for this look.




In the film, Wallace wears a white collared, button-down shirt with black slacks. Before becoming barefoot during the iconic dance scene with Vincent Vega, Wallace wears gold flats for shoes. However, in movie posters, Wallace can be seen wearing black heels.

Photo by Miramax

For my look, I wore an oversized white collared, button-down shirt, which I borrowed from my dad.

Shirt (Similar):

To put my own spin on the costume, I kept mine completely unbuttoned to show a black and white lace, paisley bralette, very similar to the one Wallace wears during the overdose scene in the film. I purchased this from TJ Maxx.

Bralette/Bra (Similar): (There are a variety of sizes to choose from.)

Instead of pants, I wore black, faux leather, high-waisted shorts from Charlotte Russe with black knee-high socks with bows on the front, purchased from Hot Topic. Instead of heels, I wore black over-the-knee boots by Marc Fisher.

Shorts (Similar):

Knee Highs (Similar):

Over-The-Knee Thigh Highs With Bow (

Boots (Similar):

Mia Wallace also wears red nail polish in the film, so I was sure to paint my nails red too!

Lastly, everyone whose seen Pulp Fiction knows that Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega are constantly popping out a pack and lighting up one of Quentin Tarantino's Red Apple cigarettes. I borrowed mine from a friend, but if you don't have access to one, you can also always buy a prop cigarette from a store like Party City, Spirit Halloween, or Spencers.

Prop Cigarettes:

Fake Cigarettes | Party City

If you have a significant other, this is a perfect opportunity to do a couple's costume! My boyfriend dressed up as Vincent Vega, played by John Travolta in the film.

So, "don't be a square" and dress up as Mia Wallace next Halloween or for your next cosplay!


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