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DIY Britney Spears "Baby One More Time" Costume

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If you've read my "DIY Mia Wallace Costume" post, you'll see that I dressed up as Mia Wallace for Halloween of 2017. Well during this time, I was also invited to another last-minute Halloween party, which meant I had to throw together a last-minute costume.

The first thing that came to mind for me was to dress up as a schoolgirl. After all, I had plenty of plaid skirts and knee-high socks. However, being the Halloween fanatic I was, I wanted to dress up as a specific character or celebrity.

That's when Britney Spears's hit music video, "Baby One More Time" came to mind.

GIF from Giphy

Now, as you can see in my photo above, my costume was really different from the actual "Baby One More Time" costume. To clarify, this is an inspired DIY and a perfect idea for those who have to throw together a costume last minute.



Now originally, Britney Spears wears her hair in high braids with pink fluffy hairpieces tied around them.

Since this costume was thrown together last minute, I wore my hair in two, high ponytails. I also wore poofy hairpieces to tie around the ponytails. I attempted the braided look later into the night, but I didn't have hair ties to keep it in for very long.

Whether you choose to wear high braids or high ponytails, both will suit the Britney schoolgirl look!



I didn't get many close-ups of my makeup, but this look really doesn't require anything too dramatic.

For my face, I used a full-coverage foundation and contoured with bronzer, highlighter, and pink blush.

For my eyes, I used white eyeshadow on my browbone with neutral tones on my lids and light pink lipstick.



Now for the costume! Like I've said, this costume was thrown together very last minute, so it is not an exact replication of Britney's costume in the music video.

For the top, I wore a white, cropped button-down and tied it at the waist. This top came with a black tie which I tied loosely around my neck. This was purchased from Forever 21.

Lastly, I wore a red, white, and black plaid schoolgirl skirt also purchased from Forever 21 with black knee-high socks and black Oxford flats. The knee-high socks were purchased from Hot Topic and the shoes from JCPenney.

Shirt and Tie (Similar):

Turazin Set: Short-Sleeve Plain Shirt + Tie | YesStyle


Knee-High Socks:



So if you're in a pinch and need a last-minute, DIY costume, Britney Spears's "Baby One More Time" costume is a perfect way to go.


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