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6 Specific Things That Old Souls Value

Old souls value heart over image.

Photo by Ben Shanks on Unsplash

Old souls are blessings…but being one may not feel like it until you become conscious of the unique attributes that you can draw out of your old soul nature.

Many will call themselves an old soul, but trust me, it is far deeper than occasionally listening to the Beatles.

An old soul is someone who resonates deeply with the past and has a strong sense of wisdom beyond their years. One who feels displaced from mainstream society. One who values and recognizes the depth of even the littlest of things.

While each old soul is an individual and may not relate to every single thing I will mention, these are some things I found that are valuable to the old soul. (After all, I have been an old soul my whole twenty-one years on Earth, sooooo I happen to know a bit.)

Here are 6 specific things that old souls value:


1) Nature

Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

Who doesn’t love the sight of a crystal blue ocean? Or a lush field of sunflowers? Or a seven wonder like the Grand Canyon?

Old souls, however, find peace and comfort in nature. Rather than seeing it as an aesthetic, they connect to the life around them on a much deeper level (this goes for animals as well). They may generally spend more time in nature or be that person to “stop and smell the flowers”.

As an old soul, the first thing I do when feeling anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed is to go out into nature and take a walk.

(Hint: Nature is even better with music, which I will talk about next.)


2) Music

Photo by MARK S. on Unsplash

Like I said before, being an old soul is not just enjoying seventies and eighties music. Like nature, old souls also deeply resonate with music and the lyrics and meaning behind songs.

Not to insult modern-day music, there are plenty of talented artists that exist today, but let’s be honest…turn on the radio, and what is the first thing you hear?

Auto-Tune, a monotonous bass drum, and explicit lyrics with very little substance to them.

Sure, it is fun to dance and party to, but an old soul comes alive from older music because of its raw substance and usually meaningful undertones. This is because old souls value the deeper meaning of things like songs for example and connect to the organically created rhythms and melodies music creates.

Non-old souls might look down or even slightly tease old souls when they receive the aux and start blasting Bowie, but the way I see it is that being an individual is far better than being ordinary (as cliché as that may sound).


3) Romance

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

It pains me to write this, but in this day and age, romance is sadly dwindling and dwindling.

Modern culture has devalued romance on so many levels, deeming it “uncool” or “corny”. Of course, there are many exceptions out there who do not fall into this societal trap, but many people have become petrified of these labels.

Old souls value the importance of romance and the deep level of love and intimacy that goes into a relationship. This can make it difficult for the old soul to find one who fits their compatibility.

The old soul will love deep discussions with their partner and expression of their love through something like an old-fashioned handwritten letter. They will also have an extra appreciation for the little gestures like a surprise bouquet for no specific occasion or a surprise or spontaneous creative date.

In short, romance is not just a bonus to an old soul’s relationship, it is a value that needs to be recognized, shared, and given to them or else their happiness will “dwindle and dwindle”.


4) Solitude

Photo by Keegan Houser on Unsplash

It is true that most old souls are more on the introverted side and introverts strongly value and appreciate alone time.

Old souls may feel overwhelmed or burnt out after going long periods with others and solitude gives them a chance to unwind, find peace within themselves, and reflect on their deepest thoughts and emotions.

Since old souls often have difficulty relating to others, solitude can also give them time to focus on their own unique interests which not many people relate to or understand.


5) Quality Friendships

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Old souls completely fit the phrase “quality over quantity”.

Old souls do not care about impressing the world with their huge squad of friends.

Instead, they strongly value their friendships so long as they receive the same amount of energy in return. Old souls prefer to keep a small circle and avoid drama as much as possible.

Having less than four close friends who really bond and connect with them on a deeper, non-superficial level is much better to them than a group of several people who create drama and have a light, casual, shallow relationship with them


6) Anything Vintage

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Many old souls prefer vintage over modern any day.

Here is a great example:

My cousin in California has a spacious, super retro house. It has a shag green carpet that covers the entire vicinity, pink and white vintage décor, a seventies conversation pit, and elegant bushes of pink flowers and orange trees draping over her backyard.

I would prefer her style of home over a modern home any day.

Old souls value vintage styles, aesthetics, furniture — whatever you name it. Something like a tangible polaroid photograph speaks more volumes than a photo on a smartphone camera roll.

The wonderful thing about old souls is that they can find value in the simplest of things as opposed to the materialistic notion that has consumed our society.

So those were six specific things that old souls value. While every old soul is original and unique, these are the things I found that old souls hold close to their hearts.


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