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5 Subtle Signs of a Jealous Person

Are they jealous or do they just not like me? Read these 5 subtle signs of a jealous person to find out.

Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash


We are all practically guilty of carrying around this dreadful, dead weight of an emotion that does absolutely nothing except make us miserable and loathe a person, who likely never did anything to us in the first place.

The thing about jealousy is that it comes in so many different, sneaky forms. You may have a person in your life that is, indeed, jealous and you may not even know it.

People can be jealous of your confidence, your appearance, even your kindness — yes, your kindness (because clearly, it’s something they don’t have enough of).

The sad truth is that it is often the people who are closest to us, our significant others, friends, or even our own family.

Here are the 5 subtle signs of a jealous person.


1) They Don’t Support You

One of the biggest red flags of a jealous person is a lack of support on their end. One who is jealous of you will absolutely despise the fact that you are moving up in life, especially if they are at a point in their life where they are stagnant or struggling.

So, tread carefully around someone who does not congratulate you on your successes, job offers, promotions, or whatever good opportunity comes your way.

Remember, the people closest to you are the ones who should be supporting you on your milestones, if they do not the root cause is likely, there’s that word, jealousy.


2) Poor Advice

Building off of my last point, a jealous person will not only be unsupportive of you, but they will also try to jeopardize you from good opportunities.

Let’s say you landed a fantastic job offer. A jealous person may try to talk you out of it, convincing you of why you shouldn’t take the job.

Or perhaps you’ve met a person you really like; they may try to point out every minor thing wrong with that person or try to set you up with someone who isn’t remotely attractive or desirable.

Of course, you should always take a friend or family member’s advice into account, but at the end of the day, always trust your instincts when making a decision, because unfortunately, some people use the advice to talk you into your downfall.


3) Not Liking Your Posts on Social Media

This may seem trivial but listen when I say that there is 100% truth behind this.

And no, I’m not talking about those who rarely use social media, I’m talking about those people who know how to view every single one of your stories at every waking moment but can never seem to press that like button — a task that is well, fairly simple to say the least.

Unless you’re posting completely opposing political or religious beliefs, the likely reason for someone not liking your posts is due to jealousy.

I’ve dealt with this so frequently in my life, especially as someone who uses social media as a marketing tool for my blog.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Nah, it’s not THAT deep.” Well, here’s how to tell (if you’re brave). Ask them.

If they become defensive, you’ll know right away (and this is coming from past experience).

I don’t recommend this as a jealous person isn’t even worth dealing with to begin with, but if you are unsure, it’s a pretty easy way to see.


4) Trying to Ruin Your Other Friendships/Relationships

This is most often true for the possessive-jealous type. They want to be at the very top of your list and anyone who comes even slightly close poses a threat.

This could come in quite a few subtle forms. A jealous person may try to guilt you if you spend time with someone else. Even worse, they may try to become as equally close to the other people in your life, with the ultimate goal of undermining your relationship with that person.

In whatever form that may be, be wary of someone like this. You don’t want to lose valuable, genuine relationships in your life over someone manipulative and jealous.


5) They Dislike You for No Reason

We’ve all been here. We meet a person and for no apparent reason and they just seem to dislike us. Even when you’ve done nothing to warrant it.

Maybe they’re standoffish, phony, passive-aggressive, or just overall rude.

This is the type of thing that feeds into our insecurities. We practically beat ourselves up over this, trying to get to the bottom of what is wrong with us.

The truth is unless you know you did something to receive this type of reaction (be honest with yourself, you know if you did), the person is likely acting out of jealousy.

Simply being in your presence and treating you with the kindness they likely envy, makes them writhe and they just cannot bear it. So, in turn, they make you feel like you're the problem.

Trust yourself, you’re not.


Rise Above the Jealousy

So, those were the 5 subtle signs of a jealous person.

As I’ve stated, jealousy is a normal human emotion. But a mature person will know how to healthily deal with their jealous emotions and instead, turn them into something positive.

This could be complimenting and supporting a person you admire, trying to take on certain traits about them that you like, but most importantly, looking inwards and realizing the special, unique things you have to offer.

And be sure to ignore or cut off any person in your life whose toxic, jealous energy is bringing you down. Rise above the jealousy and surround yourself with those who continue to raise you up and you will flourish.

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