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Welcome to The Celluloid Wallflower!

A film & lifestyle blog

Welcome to The Celluloid Wallflower!


My name is Ava Marie LaMonica. I'm 23 years old and hold a BA in English and a minor in Film and Media Studies. The best way to describe me? An old souled with a deep passion for the arts. Besides blogging, I am also a screenwriter/creative writer.

In the olden days "Celluloid" was a term used to describe those transparent plastic sheets used to make a film.

In modern days, "Celluloid" simply just means cinema.

The word "Wallflower" can be described as an introverted individual who tends to shy away from the limelight.


You may look at my social media profiles and think to yourself "There's no way this girl is a wallflower."

Well, that's because the media has a tendency to portray us as these overly awkward, anti-social individuals, which is usually far from the truth.


While this site primarily focuses on film and TV show reviews, you can also find content relating to introverts, ambiverts, and mental health/OCD awareness.

So, thank you for stopping by the Celluloid Wallflower and whether you happen to be an avid follower of this site, or simply just stumbled upon it, my hope is that something of value will resonate with you.

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